Zindra Artist Tossed from the upcoming Art Maze with no Explanation

Zindra is hosting an Art Maze this month … thier official press release follows.

It was brought to my attention that an artist, Miss Sissy Blitz  was tossed out on her artistic pixel rear and all of her items returned to her inventory with apparently zero explanation , the person doing the return and toss btw is not even a Linden. It is the event producer Ginette Pinazzo.

It’s possible I could be wrong BUT how does someone NOT a Linden toss anyone off Linden owned land at a Linden sponsored event on Zindra Island no less? From what I understand at the time of this writing the artist asked why and got nothing but a spiteful response from Mz. Pinazzo and no response at all from the Linden in charge of Zindra Islands, Blondin Linden.

If you’re planning to attend the Art Maze or you are an artist and support Second Life Art and its fabulous creators please support this artist . How does a non Linden get full rights to just return anything from land owned by Lindens with NO explanation , donated to Zindra to run events , and the Linden in charge to date ignores the artists please for at least the very LEAST an explanation! What are the Linden rules for the use of those Islands on Zindra? The OFFICIAL  Linden rules not the rules Mz Ginette Pinazzo defined.

When I was planning and hosting The Naughty Snowman event, which btw had to change hands 3 times to get done due to peoples real life issues needing thier time, was an absolute success, There were no *returns* of anyones entries by me or the others involved in the event, altho Blondin did do retuns on sponsors *ads*. Just retuned them …I logged into mass IMs from sponsors who were upset and threatening to pull thier sponsorship of the event and I was at that point NOT even in charge of the event.

Now , I totally understand a Linden can pretty musch do as they please on the grid when they please for any reason they please and offer NO explanation for it BUT this return at Zindra Islands was NOT done by a Linden.

For Immediate Release

Collaboration Meets Creativity on Zexpo Island

On January 21, Art Maze 2011 will debut as a new collaborative event featuring SL artists, builders and architects coming together to form a giant labyrinth, where visitors will explore unique creative environments in a truly immersive Second Life experience on the adult continent of Zindra.

AM2011 takes place on The Zexpo island (on the ‘adult continent’ of Zindra) as part of an initiative to raise awareness, promote and help foster a healthy Zindra business, community and outreach effort.

Being located on Zindra means that all participants must be verified adult to be involved. For detailed information on age verification, visit:

This does not mean the maze will be all ‘adult content’, but it will allow for some such rated content if deemed acceptable by the curators.
This event will allow for content that may not be suitable for PG or Mature rated regions. Of course, all content must still adhere to the Second Life TOS and CS.

Art Maze 2011 opens Friday, January 21, runs through the weekend of January 30th, and will feature a diverse group of Second Life creators and styles.

Event Producer: Ginette Pinazzo
Program Book: Kimiko Yiyuan
Public Relations: Opheliac Lovenkraft
Tech: BBQBill Odriscoll
Marketing: Heaven Lacey
Artist Interviews: Beth Quander
Audio: Dancer Greenfield
Art Maze Mediator: Ronon Carver

For more details:
Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/artmazeinsecondlife/

AM2011 Welcome Center: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Distrel/194/62/58

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