Lazy Sunday ~ With Amperlope Only at The Rumor

Fabulous prim eyes, bright and sparkling.

These eyes, in aquamarine and violet are new, and won’t be released till the 27th, for lazy Sunday. they will be 50L for the duration of Sunday, then will be available for the normal price of 75L .

(amper) aquamarine slur : eyes

(amper) violet slur : eyes



it’s easy to get frustrated trying to fit prim attachements. here are some stepts to help ensure a snug fit:

1). make a copy of your eyes
2). did you make a copy?
3). good. put the originals somewhere safe that’s also easy to locate in case you need it!
4). make sure to be wearing the (amper) hide eyes : alpha layer. this will make it easier to fit the prims to your avatar shape by preventing you avatar’s non-prim eyes from peeking through.
5). attach the copies of the eyes to your left and right eye, respectively.
6). in edit mode, begin moving each eye up, down, side to side, forwards, and backwards to position the prim eyes correctly in your avatar’s eye socket.
7). if you absolutely have to,  hold control to rotate prims, control+shift to stretch and resize prims. make sure “stretch textures” is clicked. only resize the prims if absolutely necessary, because it will change the sizing and positioning of the texture on the prim, and probably  create your own mini prim resizing hell.

it takes some time and patience to get the hang of fitting prims, but with a little practice, you’ll be a prim fitting whiz in no time!!

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