Bloggin the Juice ~ {T} & Barbie Bitch <>

CHIC Management and JUICY sims are teaming up to bring a fantastic fashion event to the Juicy sims this March. Highlighting some of the talents hidden on the Juicy sims – but also bringing you fantastic new fashions from across the grid.


▶ Opens to the public: March 5th
▶ Closes to the public: March 26th
Absolutely a Barbie world for me today ! I’m having fun with this Girltalk Hut from {T}. It’s the cutest little doll house on the grid, full of awesome girly pinkness . Perfect place to gather the friends and pass a long hot summer afternoon!

{T}- Girltalk Hut (fully furninshed)

Girltalk Hut Wall

Barbie Bitch <<BB>> Im So Sweet – Pink –
Cherry Cream Tongue !<<BB>> Im So Sweet – Pink –

Barbie Bitch<<BB>> Im So Sweet - Pink -

So Barbie, so girly ….so pink , Juicy !!!

<<BB>> Im So Sweet  – Pink –
{T}- Girltalk Hur (fully furninshed)

Get yours March 5th at the Juicy Event. LM release soon, keep watching the blogs  !!!


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