The Snook Coming Soon From Wildflowers Systems

Wildflowers Systems

Available for Immediate Press Release

March 4, 2011

Wildflower Systems , makers of the Omega Flexi System and photoLIFE 3.0 Photography System, is announcing today the development of a new project.  The Snook is slated to be what amounts to an e-reader in Second Life.   Publications will soon be faced with another option of distribution throughout Second Life.

The “Snook” , named after OomPoppaMowMow Snookums (CEO and lead developer for Wildflowers Systems ), is capable of delivering super fast page viewing and the ability to download magazines directly into the HUD device.   Content creators will pay no extra fee and have free tools to enable them to create “Snook” content.   The product is estimated to retail for around 1500L.   Another feature of the Snook project is “follow”,  which allows another user to see the identical images the driving Snook user is seeing.

Still in development , the current Snook is capable of viewing 45 pages at once and has the ability to sync with the photoLIFE Photography System.  This will allow photoLIFE owners the option of a notecard based texture library.

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