Ample Avi’s Rita /Barbie Bitch/Mary and Diesel Works

If you are like me , and love your fabulous girly curves Ample Avi is the only shapes you will ever need! Meet Rita, she is Ample Avi’s *lush* shape.

Ample Avi Rita




Rita with Diesel Works new Model Chair


Rita's Stunning Face

Ample Avi [Full Figure Women] – Real Shapes for Real Ladies

I absolutely love her and the new Mary from Glam Affair is just perfect on her, she free in the store. It was almost like magic that Cherry from <<BB>> dropped her latest group gifts and bloggers pack because this Farrah Lingerie was perfect for Rita!

<<BB>> Valentines Babie Boots Soft Pink  (New February)
<<BB>> Farah Lingerie – Theme Market March 2011
!   RITA – Lush:  Copy only – 2011 Ample Avi (FREEBIE) no mod/no trans
-Glam Affair– Mary -Green- Tan- E/Bl/A
-Glam Affair- Mary – Blush A
Cake – Dakota – Light Blonde Hair
al vulo-vanity eyes gift
Mstyle Long Nails Classic – FRENCH – L(20)
*Ticky Tacky* Rehab Earrings – Golden Girl
erratic / cuff / gold
Diesel Works Modeling Chair V.2011 (pink) 23 poses/5 chair colors
The chair is set to rotate to the best angle of view when you’re looking straight at it. This is done to show the photographer how I intended the pose to be. You are free to rotate the chair to any angle as you wish. The chair will set to original position if you select pose 1.

Yes, Rogan intends to provide a photographer version and a color option or 2. You will receive the photographer edition automatically.

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