Graffitiwear 55L Thrusdays

Super cute and springtime cool.

Suede baby doll top and Snake skin capris !


All Graffitiwear designs are hand drawn originals and i never use templates. We have many one-of-kind textures and creations unlike anything else in SL. Come visit Graffitiwear for our special weekend sales for up to 50% off. Play fun games, do some hunts and win awesome prizes. All items are transferable (with the exception of prizes and freebies) and make terrific gifts.  If you’d rather do your shopping online, Graffitiwear fashion is featured on SL marketplace. Happy shopping!

Also wearing…..

N-core “GroupGift” SENSE XtremeHeel

Mstyle Long Nails Classic – FRENCH –

*RC* Melfina (White) @ PCF

al vulo- Jolie* for japan claveage sunkissed

Funky Bangles by Femke Wilder

~Mynerva~Eyeliner + Shadow plum

*S sJ Eye L Bright=Help Japan LE=

Dermagraphicus Rex! Daddy’s Girl Tattoo

JCNY – AVALON, Hyper-Gems Wedding/Engagement Ring

(amper) hide system lashes : alpha layer

Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N01

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