Open Pricing in Second Life

Recently through another social media there was a post regarding a find on the Marketplace, called VA Creations. The Owner/Creator was nice enough to come over and talk to us briefly about how Open Pricing was working for her and brought a friend who is also operating her business in Second Life using Open Pricing.


You can find out more info by visiting the shop , marketplace or blog.

You can find Plausible Body by visiting the blog, shop or metalife


You can read more on their thought regarding Open Pricing here and here.

Information about Open Price

“Everything that is “Open Price” at VA Creations, is buyable for L$ 0.
So you can get it initially for free.
Feel free to try everything out.
You can see how it fits you, see If you like it, combine with other stuff, and so on.

But if you like something, please pay one of my open price terminals or me directly with an amount that you think is appropriate.

Creating the fashion, Maintaining the Store , and the land all cost Lindens $.
I put alot of work into my fashions to give you the best I can. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you very much.

Vicky Aura”

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