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Photography in Second Life has come a long way even since my 07 rez date and its been fabulous to watch and be part of. The most fun you can with your clothes on…errr well you know what I mean *winks* I’ve been influenced by so many, my partner ,Toran, photoLIFE, and all the photographers , artists and bloggers over my time here.

I’ve used some awesome tools in Second Life as well. Lumi Pro is one of them.  Remember these days …..? Building a background, building lights, making a prim for a gazer, forever messing to get good lighting for a photo etc.?  Searching for a great on location spot only to find it and discover you could not rez poseballs etc.All that prep, searching  and building and setting and resetting ….. I do , barely but I do.

Lumi Pro eliminates this entirely. With Lumi Pro you are seconds from click and shoot. Lumi lets you send lights and animation request to your model from your Lumi HUD. You control the lights and the model (you can add your own poses to Lumi) this means anywhere you are you are ready to take some awesome photos! Pose yourself, pose your model.

It was developed by a pro photographer RL who found the lighting systems available in secondlife to be inadequate and got tired of the limitation of rezzing prim and moving them each time he reposed his model. Lumipro changes all this.

Lumipro is a hud worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights rezzed by the model. Photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. It all works in zero rez sims! The built in posing system controls two models independently and again, without the need to rez for pose stands.

Creating drama. Using Lumi Pro . Lets talk about lighting and Lumi.

( this photo is totally untouched and shot using Lumi Pro & the Darkened Studio technique taught in the photoLIFE class room by Lucy Eberhart and Marcy Thorne of Thorne Eberhart Studios.)

Rembrandt lighting is a lighting technique that is sometimes used in studio portrait photography. It can be achieved using one light and a reflector, or two lights, and is popular because it is capable of producing images which appear both natural and compelling with a minimum of equipment. Rembrandt lighting is characterized by an illuminated triangle under the eye of the subject, on the less illuminated side of the face. It is named for the Dutch painter Rembrandt, who often used this type of lighting.

Origin of photographic term

Pioneering movie director Cecil B. DeMille is credited with the first use of the term:

DeMille explained in his autobiography that while shooting THE WARRENS OF VIRGINIA (1915), he borrowed some portable spotlights from the Mason Opera House in downtown Los Angeles and “began to make shadows where shadows would appear in nature.” When business partner Sam Goldwyn saw the film with only half an actor’s face illuminated, he feared the exhibitors would pay only half the price for the picture. After DeMille told him it was Rembrandt lighting, “Sam’s reply was jubilant with relief: for Rembrandt lighting the exhibitors would pay double!”

( this photo is totally untouched and shot using Lumi Pro & the Darkened Studio technique taught in the photoLIFE class room by Lucy Eberhart and Marcy Thorne of Thorne Eberhart Studios.)

Butterfly Portrait lighting – Butterfly lighting is named that because of the shape of the shadow created directly beneath the nose.  When the nose is pointing in the direction of the light, wherever it may be, and the light is high enough to cast a downward shadow, you end up with butterfly portrait lighting.

Shot Using Lumi Pro

Toran explained these lighting concepts to me, he worked his way thru college as a photographer doing portraits and weddings and used them then and uses them now in Second Life. He also added that rules, all rules are made to be broken, meaning get out of the box and experiment with everything and we do.  We take Lumi everywhere! We play with the Lumi lights, and we play with windlights as well as DOF (depth of field).


Lumi Pro get yours here …. or  here.  This is not a SL photography toy. This is a serious photography tool for working in virtual worlds.


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