NEW for Easter! @ Rebel Hope Designs,Inc and Easter Basket Hunt

Bunneh Girl

Grab the  FREE gift set out by the new bunny outfit too!!

Bunneh Girl

Bunneh Girl Includes:

Bodice on jacket, top and undershirt layers
Shorts on pants and underpants layers
Panties and Garter on underpants layer
Thigh High Stockings on sock layer
Fur Prim skirt with sizer script
Chiffon Prim Skirt
Bodice sizer script
Shoulder Fur sizer script
Poof Bunneh Tail
Peep for you to munch on
Sculpted Stiletto Boots with Peeps hanging from the laces on left shoe
Shoe base in both old format and new viewer alpha base
Sculpted Belt with silver buckle detail

Bunneh Girl

You can find Bunneh in the “NEW ITEMS” area just click on the teleport for new items when you land. And listed on Marketplace as well.

AND:  Easter Basket Hunt  at RH Designs starting Friday April 22nd through Monday April 25th.  There will be 6 baskets hidden thorught Monarch Bay and none will be higher than the gorilla on top of the building.  A few will be hard, afterall it’s a hunt!

Rebel Hope Designs , Inc.


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