Beauty & The Beast – A 2011 photoLIFE Wedding Expo Event

Beauty & The Beast – A 2011 photoLIFE Wedding Expo Event

photoLIFE is pleased to announce “Beauty & The Beast”.  A photography contest themed on the story of true love.

Galleries will be open throughout the month of June and submissions will be displayed at the 2011 photoLIFE Wedding Expo.

Contest prizes will be given for the following categories
1st Place – The Grandiose –
Excellence in – Subject Rendition – Lighting – Composition – Creativity – Overall Impression

2nd Place – Best Theme-
Excellence in creative concept.

3rd Place – Best Layout –
Excellence in scene composition and point of view.

-Photos must be obviously inspired with a romantic theme. Bridal content is welcomed.
-Photos should be 1024×1024 using high resolution techniques –
-Photographs must be taken using the photoLIFE 3.0 photography system
-Post processing is allowed but should be used tastefully and not obviously over processed.
-No nudity
-Deadline – All entries must be submitted by June 30th at midnight SLT.
-To enter you must be a member of the Team photoLIFE Group or the photoLIFE Pro Group
– Submit entries with full permissions to Gala Caproni

Winners will be announced on Saturday, July the 2nd, at the Final Wedding Expo Party.

Further information about submissions and any contest updates will be available through the Team photoLIFE Group.



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