photoLIFE 2011 Wedding Expo – Sponsored by Scruplz Magazine Presents


Miles Eleventhauer , The Jazzologist! at the photoLIFE Wedding Expo. Miles is a fabulous musician in his offline life as well as one of Second Life’s smoothest DJ’s. If you have not caught one of his shows you have missed some awesome !

Join us this Saturday,June 11th from   7 to 9 pm SLT at the photoLIFE Wedding Expo and listen to the jazz stylings of Miles Eleventhauer, only the best in jazz from legends like Herbie Hancock, Diane Reeves, George Benson, Wayne Shorter, and of course…Miles Davis,  while you mix and mingle with top photograpgher/videographers, ready to capture your wedding day memories for you. As well as Second Lifes top wedding planners, designers, from gowns to flowers, it’s all here!   Models will be walking the Expo to show off the fabulous designs of our Expo exhibitors.  The carriage is below.. save it for Saturday…


photolife Wedding Expo 2011!

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