Prim Perfect Avatar

The standard issue LL’s avatar is NOT pretty but with some work and tweaking you can make your avatar awesome!  You can tweak the standard LL avatar shape or go and purchase a really nice modifiable shape . Second Life is full of great shape makers and many will also help you tweak the shape , if not track down a good stylist and for a small fee that stylist will assist you in getting your unique look. Remembering shapes and skins are hugely important and need to compliment each other, you’re going to find a ton of awesome skins designers on the grid as well, TRY DEMOs, that is extremely important. No matter how fabulous the skin looks on a model or in the ad , neither are …! So try demos always, even when buying a new shape. Demos are free to 1L and you will be happier .

Further enhancements for the avatar ….

Depending on what your Second Life is for you hugely impacts what you will choose as a shape or skin. This is your Second Life and you can be ANYTHING. The only limit is your imagination (and what you are willing to invest Linden wise) . Keep in mind ….if you see it or you imagine it you can create it over time and practice using your own imagination and your skills  with prim torture, scripting and texturing ( polish up your photoshop skills).

Some times I’m not in human form ….. and you might see me as Bast Dragon……

Bast Dragon from Isle of Wyrms Creator Daryth.Kennedy

You can purchase your favorite dragon here OR here.

Designers and design have some a long along way since Second Life was launched !

The new V2 layers have made it possible to wear tats on a whole new layer not just a clothing layer, paving the way for skin/makeup and hair designers to create makeups to enhance your avatar skins with out having to change your skin . Which makes a *clean* skin perfect to layer to get your own unique look.

Before this…..we had shoes with *feet/toes* , and along came ….bare feet. No longer do we have to have those terrible looking avatar feet. Prim hands make our hands look wonderful too. These have draw backs …. but if you are a photographer ….these will make your editing time (providing the model has done a good *matching* job) so much easier.  Along with a ton of layer options we now have a ton of  *wear*/attach  options as well. Oh and the new avatar physics …..we can wiggle and jiggle all over !

We can have prim private parts as well. Penis , vagina , Breasts and Butts.  I love my feet, my toes and my hands. Recently I have also tried breasts ….my favorite are Lolas, they are IMHO the most realistic shaped prim breasts to date on the grid. They are several makers of prim enhancements for you avatar, shop around and TRY the demos 1st! I have also tried Universal Implants from Implant Nation with the addon Natural Shape pkg. No more hours of editing the jagged edges of the avatar and a more realistic look for your 2nd life.

The draw backs are there just like anything else in Second Life it takes some patient and work to get the perfect fit, shape and color match. HUDs are pretty easy to use and there are options for your *look* such as size …and tats and nipple jewelry. Universal supports BDSM play and you can set another to *use/work* your implants . Lolas do not. The biggest draw backs to these are the limit *clothes* options UNLESS you are handy at making your own OR happy to use what is available. Some designers have created *clothing* for breasts but it takes some work. This makes them a bit inconvenient for most to use everyday , you wont just be running to your inv to wear just any outfit you must purchase specifically for your set of prim breasts.

Prim Perfect Colleen SLink Hands and Universal Implants with Natural Addon

Top by Sumy Sands

transparent blouse *SSD* 50 S Vendor @ Implant Nation

Skirt by PixelDolls

Lolas Implants Dress by Luck, Inc.


Luck, Inc

Luck Inc Blog

For more info on Implants :

Aurora Benthams fashion blog.

Livin’ La Vida Segunda

Big Booby Girls in Second Life

Lolas and Luck, Inc.

Universal Implants w/ Natural Addon

Universal Implants w/ Natural Addon

Shop around. Do your research. TRY Demos.

Have a happy prim perfect avatar in  Second Life !

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