BOINGO in my closet !

New to me ! My good friend Shyayn Lusch dropped this LM on me yesterday so I tp’d over .

Unique store and very cool and the fash is fab ! Let me show you some of my favs.

BOINGO Physiqa

Let me tell you this, the detail is amazing. I’ll be showing basic blacks and whites in this post but the designers eye for detail and her taste in casual and sexy combine that with a great color palette …yeah, it’s like that.

BOINGO Whisper

Layers you need, tintable too as well as levels of sheer. Style it how you need it.


Prim perfect straps , shadows placed just right. Tres hawt!

BOINGO disheveled n peeled

Disheveled ribbed tank . Peeled skirt. Is one of my fav finds . All eyes on you ! uh huh jaws will drop and cams will lock when you walk into the club in this.


BOINGO in my closet.  Designer Jeela Juran  is a Second Life digital artist . And a career illustrator and visual effects artist. I know you are going to love her styles, now grab the link and go! BOINGO since 2007.

TIP: This smokin skin courtesy of Filthy for The Platnium Hunt.

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