LUMIPro L3 ~ Professional Photography Equipment – The Choice of the Pro’s !

Stefan Buscaylet, Creator of the LUMIPro , will be speaking at SLCC 2011. For those who can’t make it to Oakland this year, SL plans to stream the Keynote Sessions and most of the Breakout Sessions both on the web via UStream and to the in-world SLCC sims!

Stefan is an award winning advanced amateur photographer both in SL and RL,   He is a principal engineer and architect RL for a large computer company and has the privilege of working with some of the preeminent graphics chip designers in the industry which helped guide his work.  He is the creator of the Second Life’s LumiPro photography lighting system which takes full advantage of the amazing ability of SL lighting.  Checkout his website which showcases his work. Find his SLCC schedule HERE.

Stefan Buscaylet

LUMIPro is Second Life’s premier system for lighting in a virtual world.

  • Serious Photography Tool
  • Game changer for lighting
  • Multiple Model Lighting
  • Multiple Model Animation

The new version comes with a *gazer* to lock the avatar eyes so that the photographer can control where the model gazes. It rez’s from the LUMIProI HUD. L3 also catalogs your poses into male/female so you do not have to *search* simply *choose* in a click once you load your poses if it is male or female.

This is not a SL photography toy. This is a serious photography tool for working in virtual worlds.LUMIPro is a game changer in lighting for photography in Second Life. It was developed by a pro photographer RL who found the lighting systems available in second life to be inadequate and got tired of the limitation of rezzing prim and moving them each time he reposed his model. LUMIPro changes all this.

Lumipro is a hud worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights rezzed by the model. Photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. It all works in zero rez sims! The built in posing system controls  models independently and again, without the need to rez for pose stands. One other cool feature is the color system was redone to expand on industry standard filters and the ability to select the level of filtering from  100 percent down to 0 percent which is white and even past 100 percent for even more effect.

Photo taken by Corinne Helendale using L3

See the awesome work LUMI users are doing HERE as well as HERE. Please be sure to join the LUMIpro inworld group to get important updates and assistance.

Look for L3 release in world soon after Stefan gets back from SLCC! Join the in world group watch for official release info there and this blog.


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