Builds By Marcy Thorne


Lofts on  sale  of  50%  off.  This is an in-world and  marketplac special. Regular  prices is  $450L . If you go to my  in-world  vendor  you can see the  inworld  demo.  The vendor prices  are  set  at  $250 L .   Be sure to check out the  Atwater Loft… my  newest  build.


This 91 prim build features  spacious living areas, and an attached green house-great  for  plant pets and blooming  butterflies. This 26m x 30m build can be  used  as a ground structure or as a skybox.  Well-aged bricks and industrial glass gives the outside of this loft it’s edginess. The rich colored of the wooden floors warms the interior.  This loft has been designed to  have a  darkness to it to make your decor standout. Attached is a green house which will provide you with an outdoor living area. All the windows are controled by one menu allowing you to  tint certain ones.


The Midtown Loft was designed for the urban dweller that loves open spaces.  Like a well used  factory, the  exteriors walls  are  weather beaten  but the  interior  has been  semi  refurbished  making it a  beautiful living space. A city scape view sourrunds this build putting your new skybox home in the heart of the city-Midtown.


Many cities in the world  have hidden gem and this is a  fine  example.  This  warehouse has  been renovated in to warm and cozy living space.  Refurbished  wooden floors, enclosed  patio  and  intimate  balcony   makes this a  great, entertaining home.  Thoughout this  structure  you  will find a  mix of  wonderful building  materials-plaster, brick,wood, metal, stone and tile, all used to  compliment each other and selected  with  care.

The Waterfront Loft is  a  modest  25m x 30m in size  but  offers multiple  living  areas–the  main floor  is  great  for  everyday living,  the  cozy  loft  provides  a  warm and  romantic  setting  that  leads out to a  balcony.   Designed to be  used a  skybox or a  ground  structure.   The  exterior works  will  in urban/seaside  sims.  The  front  dock is great place  to  fish, dock your  boats and  watch  the  seaside  activity.  The  side  patio  is  great  landing  point  if used as a  skybox  or  as an outdoor  party  area.



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