::HH:: Hucci Eau de Hucci Mesh Jumpsuit

This was sent to Hucci group and I’m so excited ! I’m also not mesh ready =(  , but for those of you who are I wanted to share her photo and her notecard with all of you.

FROM : Mz. Eboni Khan of Hucci

What is mesh?

Everything 3d in SL right now is a mesh, regular prims are meshes, sculpts are meshes, our avatars are meshes. The “mesh” that people keep talking about coming to SL now, is just industry standard meshes.  Most things in SL are very specific to SL, sculpts are only in SL, but mesh allows a wider variety of content because people can create in standard 3D mesh.

Mesh Clothing and accessories

Wear a mesh attachment is a little different than wearing an attachments now.  Mesh attachments that are rigged (meaning programmed to react to the avatar bones) automatically position themselves to the avatar remember how they were programmed. The rigged mesh will change some to fit the avatar, it will accommodate differences in length and width of an avatar but not all sliders. Meaning a mesh will adjust to avatar height, arm length, hip width etc.

This item is a mesh preview item. I am still learning mesh so it is a work in progress.  Just wear from your inventory like any other attachment.

What you need to wear this mesh…

You need a mesh compatible viewer
Either the official 2.8.3 Viewer or the 3.0 Viewer will work on the Second Life page
The viewer released on July 22, 2011, 21(9) works.

You need to be on a mesh enabled sim

Urbanista is running mesh, and has a park like atmosphere you can explore.


All of the Magnum sims are running mesh.  The Mesh sandbox sims are also running mesh.
Mesh will be available on all sims before the end of August.

If you are wearing the jumpsuit and you can’t see it you are either on a sim that doesn’t have the mesh server running or you are using a viewer that is no mesh enabled.

Thank you for being loyal Hucci Customers.


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