Be a Filthy Girl !

It’s fun , it’s easy and it’s very sexy ! Even in glasses ! 🙂

Alexandra has been busy this week …. she got ton of new goodness for you …..  Anie a fabulous new skin , new color change reading glasses, new poses for models and for couples!


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The dress is Bella from Filthy. 6 colors in this package
White , Charcoal , Bronze , Pink , Red , Grey
Sculpted shoulder straps as viewed in display image with prim skirt.

Filthy Blog.

Filthy Main Store.


Membership has it’s privileges !


For a 1 time fee of 199L ( unless you leave the group , then you have to pay again to join ) you gain access to :

– 50%  money back on all NEW  skin releases for 2 days duration :
Details : On each new release you will receive 50% money back on the MARKED & GROUP ANOUNCED items for a 2 days duration .
( You purchase full price then the system sends you 50% back instantly )

– Monthly limited Group gifts :
Details : Each month a new group gift will be available in store for group members only .

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