NEW~ and Mesh Fabria Gown from Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.

There is absolutely only one word for this gown…..Fabulous!

I wasn’t ready for mesh simply because I had not d/l’d the mesh viewers but this gown inspired me to do so immediately!

Fabria Gown

I so loved seeing all the mesh on blogs and looked forward to wearing all of the great mesh clothes I just could NOT wait another moment! Thank you Rebel Hope for this totally awesome gown.

It took very little for me as far as avatar adjustment to wear this gown. Breasts size is set to 70 and that was the only change I needed to make to my shape for this stunning gown. And Colleen is an ample avatar! This gown moves great the only issue I had was with my avatar physics, I did not bother to adjust those I just took physics off and I will adjust them later slightly, I have a little too much booty bounce. 🙂 So again that is a very minor adjustment for me.

Over all this gown is perfect! The gown comes with  sheer collar as well.

Mesh can only be used in V2 viewer at this time !!

PLEASE purchase the DEMO before buying the gown.

When you purchase the gown you will receive both average size, as well as curvy size for those full figured avi’s.  You will also receive a version for heels and one for no heels.  The heels version is higher in the front to counter balance.  The demo only includes the “no heels” version just so you know, and in all honesty you won’t need to wear shoes with this gown . Both opts are included.

You can find the new Fabria Gown and Jewelry in the “New Items” area from the teleporter when you land.


4 thoughts on “NEW~ and Mesh Fabria Gown from Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.

      • It sure is gorgeous, but….:(. I really have to modify Caity’s shape too much for this dress. The average size does not cover my boobs..and the curvy size is so large it has room for an extra avatar..LOL.
        Maybe I will make an extra shape for dresses like this when I have some more time!

      • I experimented with this gown today. My breast size in the ample avatar gown size is set to 70 still but …I pumped up my butt size to 100 …no poke thru. Physics with the gown combined with my AO is a bit sketchy but I love this gown completely. I’m happy to tweak and or go without physics.

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