Do you want to bring back the old styles of surnames to Second Life where everyone had a chance to chose an individual last name to create an instant unique identity that no-one else could share?

If you do, go here and vote for last name options!

And to re-enforce your vote, you should also add your name to the “Watch” list.

Please note:
But we are not suggesting that Linden Lab should abandon the display name system for people that really want it. What we are asking is that Linden Lab should let people CHOOSE whether they want to be Residents, or whether they want a full user name.


For more information, please read these articles in the Prim Perfect blog:
* We can create a new style resident with an old style name – so why is Linden Lab reluctant to let us?
* What’s in a (Sur)Name?

And elsewhere:
* Display names just can’t cut it

Second Names for Second Lives!


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