New Releases From ABS and Filthy !!

Filthy has long been a favorite skin for me and I think Kate is fabulous!

You will find Kate in all the awesome skin tones and makeups you love as well as freckles and cleavage layers.

Kate makeup # 7 is by far my fav makeup in all tones!

Fr - Kate . BeachTan . 07

One of the things I really love about Filthy skin lines is the bare makeups of tones 1 & 2 , the clean face makes it fun and easy to layer your fav makeup tat layers and look stunning.

Grab your ride and check out this great new face , Kate @ Filthy!!

ABS is a new line to me and I think new release Michelle is just totally rawkin hawt!

ABS Skin Michelle tan4 cleavage


ABS Skin Michelle tan3 cleavage

ABS Skin Michelle tan2 cleavage


ABS Skin Michelle tan1 cleavage

Awesome detail , I love this skin! Grab your ride and go over and check Michelle out for yourself @ ABS.


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