The Music of ‘Lyrical’


The Music of ‘Lyrical’ – 17 songs and images

Thursday Sept 22, 7.30 – 9 PM SL time

an exhibit of the art of Callipygian Christensen

shown at Galerie 17, New Toulouse Bourbon   Sept. 6 – Oct 2

Two things define my Second Life – my photographic art and the music I share when I DJ.  This exhibit combines the two – each image is titled with the lyric from a song that has some meaning to me – sometimes deep and emotional, sometimes a simple ‘love that song!’.
Since my mind is full of lyrics – leaving little room for remembering where my car keys are – it’s not surprising that at times when I look at a finished image, a song lyric pops into my head.   At other times a lyric resonates deeply, or get’s stuck in my ear (ear worms -yech!) and a mental image forms with it, and I set out to take a picture that captures that image.

So there you have it – no deep or profound meaning to the exhibit, just a blending of two things that bring me great pleasure. I hope seeing the images, and perhaps discovering an unknown song, brings you pleasure too.


The Music of ‘Lyrical’ with DJ Calli Thursday Sept 22, 7.30-9 PM

Please join me at Galerie 17 as I spin the music that the images of the Lyrical exhibit are named for.  I am including the description of the exhibit below and I am looking forward to sharing the songs that have meaning to me, the songs I just like to hear, and a few that have just stuck their lyrics in mah haiyd!

I will also be adding 4 new images to the exhibit that evening – so join us to see the new work and hear the music, even if you have already visited!

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