Linden Lab V3 Viewer Photography Issues!

Have you tried the new viewer? I have not used a Lab viewer since March but I totally loved the new UI in V3 so I downloaded it, so sleek and smooth and USEABLE ! Love that we can choose what buttons we need and want and what we do not and that we can change as needed.

I downloaded it , played in it and then came the moment of truth for any fashion blogger or photographer/videographer, time to snap a photo set everything up got and knew it was going to be a great pic… till I snapped it and then crashed. Happens , no biggie log back in had to reset it all over again, click to snap and it wants to save to inventory I want it to save to pc and ticked the radial button …BOOM ! crashed again *sighs*  but I’m not going to give up…… log back in reset everything all over again  😦 . No matter what I do it will NOT save the photo to pc . So I wait for Toran to log in and the exact same thing happens to him over and over ….

I thought it was just us so asked some of our photography groups ….. no it is not just us . So I filled out a Jira  here. If you use this viewer and have this same issue please click the link and vote and watch . Thanks ! If you know of a fix comment on the blog please.


2 thoughts on “Linden Lab V3 Viewer Photography Issues!

  1. Suggest you try the BETA 3 (not the official release) as I have been using that in part and took photos with no problems. I cannot do Depth of Field. It crashes my computer (ATI card) and I have to hard boot to get back to the living, but with Firestorm mesh beta it is even worse. So as long as I stay away from that it seems fine. V3 (the regular download) is filled with bugs. I work on the ANSWERS forum when I have time and we all seem to know that. Also V3 beta seems VERY FAST. There are plenty of things I don’t love (Windlight settings, web profiles, lack of many TPV features), but it has been working well for my alt *wink*.

  2. Thank you Chic! I did download the Beta and snaps work just fine sadly for me fps are horrible! I use Graphics Card: GeForce GT 420/PCI/SSE2 fps has never been this bad for me. I do love the new UI though!! I probably wont use this much at this point and I won’t use the RC.

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