Aftermath – A Second Life Exhibition

I’m happy to announce LUMIPro’s first of many sponsorships of arts in Second Life.  Morgana Nagorski and Palias Orleans Gallery is hosting a art showing “Aftermath” featuring ariel Brearly and Fingers Scintilla.  I have personal fondness for Palias Orleans as the owner of the gallery and I were early collaborators on LUMIPro and I’m proud to help continue her legacy.  Morgana Nagorski is an avid LUMIPro user and advocate to the art world and I’m excited LUMIPro gets a chance to be involved with it.  Colleen and I are looking forward to seeing you at the opening parties.  ~ Stefan Buscaylet, Creator of the LUMIPro

The opening events . . .
6:00 – 8:00 PM SLT Saturday 31 March
10:-00 AM – 12:00 PM SLT Sunday 1 April . . . (catering for the US, Europe, Australia, Japan and NZ . . . and my apologies for any time zone we left out.)
Transport to the gallery.

Please join us!!!
“After the explosions, the few survivors were taken by surprise as the dust began to fall, silently and endlessly, choking everything in it’s path. Slowly the few evolved, surviving on rage and fear, fighting for everything they possessed. Until finally, – there was just One…”

Poster design by Morgana Nagorski . . . but the image used is ariel’s.

Morgana Nagorski is pleased to present at Palais Orelans an exhibition featuring ariel Brearly and her partner Fingers Scintilla.


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