Mesh Designs and the Designers That Fit An Ample Avatar

Some mesh sizes from some designers do fit the ample avatar. The mesh I will be showing is in size L and XL with the exception of Pixel Dolls who made regular glitch pant for the mesh skirt, which I totally loved! I miss PixelDolls. The designers will be easily identified they are some of the best and most popular on the grid.

It’s important to say also that these designers sizes shown are working , some of their mesh designs do not fit even through it is L / XL. So I’m not sure what gets changed between the design sizes and getting it in world. Or why.

.:cheeky:. Mainstore! ❤ NEW


PixelDolls (closed)

NYU – Minimalistic High Fashion Couture

These are a few of the designs I have managed to wear with no need to adjust avatar size. Who does your favorite mesh? You may have met designers I have not, if so please drop a comment here with their LM.


One thought on “Mesh Designs and the Designers That Fit An Ample Avatar

  1. Many men as well as me love full figured women….SL designers better get on the ball….i wanna know who decided models should be skinny….eat some freakin icecream, will ya! Great post CC!

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