Thank you Whiskey! I’m so glad to see someone else blog this from the other side of the shape spectrum!

Whiskey Shots

I remember when I got my first prim hair. My first sculpted clothing. The first time I fitted prim nipples. Change can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. So far, I have some mixed feelings about mesh.

I love mesh furniture. LOVE IT. I could not be more pleased with the mesh pieces I’ve incorporated into my home, and I intend to blog about them. But right now, I’m talking about mesh clothing. I’m having a hard time embracing it. Mainly because it’s having a hard time embracing me.

Now, I’ve read the whole “just adjust your shape and shut up about it” crap. I get that. I downloaded the Standard Sizing Package to try to understand how best to wear mesh. The thing is, I don’t have all day to make a new shape for each outfit I wear, nor do I have the patience. And frankly…

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