SL9B !! It’s Celebration Time!!

I am so excited to be part of the SL9B Greeters !! This celebration really does have that *community* feel to it and it’s been fun to this point and it is only going to get better!!  So much awesomeness packed into this it will take me forever to cover it all but I’m going to give it a shot!  Tomorrow is press day so photos will follow and possibly some short vid clips .

There are some great articles already out there now and photos as well. Let me link a few to get you started.

SL9B Offical blog is found here . Huge resource and a good idea to have open when you visit!

SL9B Community Celebration on Flickr.

SL9B on Twitter.

SL9B Destination Guide.

Are you planning on hosting an SL9B Event on your own sim/parcel? Get listed NOW.  If you’re running a birthday celebration event or you know someone who is, then put all the following in a notecard and drop it on Dmom2k Darwin inworld.

Special Days at SL9B: Mesh and the AIDS Benefit.


So, that should get you started !  More to come tomorrow during Press Day.

BTW, Toran Babenco, my partner in all things Second Life will also be singing at SL9B. 2 shows !!

Toran @ SL9B
11AM SLT June 19th , Tuesday


Friday June 22nd . More info and LMs when we get them !!


Special thanks to all of SL9B organizers for all they have done!  Just remember , it won’t be a party without YOU! So I hope to see you there !



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