Do NOT miss this !!  The party begins tomorrow June 18th @ 11 AM SLT !

While I was touring around today the one thing that kept running through my mind is that I am as amazed today as I was when I rez’d back in 2007 at the awesome creativity of the residents of Second Life !  The hard work this year, all goes to the community!

The Awesome sponsors who made this possible , Dream Seeker Estates, Kittycats, Fruit Islands, Neo Streams.

The staff who worked endless hours to make sure this all happened ….

Senior Lead, Performance Lead and Grumpy Old Man – Doctor Gascoigne Land and Exhibitor Lead – KT Syakumi Land Goddess – Diana Renoir Volunteer Lead and Cruise Director- Budster Bashly PR and Advertising Lead – Saffia Widdershins Greeter Lead – Honour McMillian SL9B Troll- Crap Mariner (not, let’s make this clear, The Angel of Death)

Not to mention an army of experienced second life residents who volunteered to be greeters and the talented DJ’s and performers and the many residents who will be hosting fabulous parties all over the grid! None of this is possible without you !  Thank you!

So where do we start?  SL9B Welcome Hub of course ! 

 Grab the free SL9B Birthday HUD created by Bo Tiger , wear and you’re off to your next destination. Pay attention as well at the HUB, click the wheels for some terrific LMs and information.

Everything is clearly marked so you can not get lost” Step out side and grab a Tour Pod for some truly amazing tours and information as you travel around the sims.

The pods were designed by Yavanna Llanfair.

Do take a speedometer from the menu, if you haven’t already. Just wear it – it attaches as a HUD. Click it to change the units (mph, km/h etc). Click and hold to reset the distance. See how far you travel on the pod!

This pod will take you on a guided tour of SL9B, pointing out some interesting places and giving a bit of a commentary as we go along. There are two tours; one touring the western exhibits, the other the eastern exhibits. Each lasts around 30 minutes.

One of the builds I really wanted to see was one that is near and dear to my little blogger heart !

The Blogger Carnival, how amazing !

Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook with the help of some very talented Second Life Bloggers,Cady Aldrich of Divine Patterns,Gogo of JuicyBomb,Kesseret Steeplechase of Shopping Cart Disco,Lourdes Denimore & Salvatore Otoro of Shopping Cart Disco,Sasy Scarborough of worked hard on this and you can tell the minute you enter it. A plethora of fabulous tip, tricks for the budding or experienced bloggers as well as any photographer who wants to add something to their skills.  Be sure to visit them at  Blogger Carnival @ SL9B.

Many of the SL9B exhibitors have set out some great gifts for everyone attending the SL9B Celebrations. Like The Party Zone !

Stop over here and enjoy this posed telescope!

The next stop for me was Bay City  Pavilion !  Bay City has a long and interesting  history in Second Life , you can read more about it here , and more on the celebration build here .

Bay City Pavillion

So, let me leave you with some important slurls and links !

Performer Schedules

Toran Babenco,  will also be singing at SL9B. 2 shows !!

Toran Babenco @ SL9B
11AM SLT June 19th , Tuesday on the Main Stage.


Friday June 22nd , 3pm – 4pm on the Lake Stage !

SL9B Offical blog is found here . Huge resource and a good idea to have open when you visit!

SL9B Community Celebration on Flickr.

SL9B on Twitter.

SL9B Destination Guide.

Special Days at SL9B: Mesh and the AIDS Benefit.

Here is a map of the celebration sims!

Be sure to catch your greeters for some fabulous SL9B gifts as well !

 SL9B Welcome Hub

Cake Stage

Main Stage

DJ Stage

Sunken Stage

Lake Stage


 Happy Birthday Second Life !!! 

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