BOOB[e] Formals

I could not have been more excited to see this post on Hoobs Hotties featuring the awesome  Sid Style wearing this gown designed in mesh with appliers for implants by BOOB[e]. I ran straight over and made my purchase. There just are not enough mesh designed for girls who love to wear their implants and be stylish and look fabulous. I’m not sure why, after all mesh is huge all over Second Life even if implant/appliers are not I have seen a few more mainstream designers such as LUCK INC. , *elymode* , *Milk*  , the list is growing daily of those who create for implant wearers.

I went home unpacked and wore this gown , it was too small even in the large size for my full figured shape so I wore my thin and sleek shape with the large size and was very disappointed to fins it still did not fit.

The photos below are unedited except for re sizing the photo.


I have a few things from BOOB[e]  that I really like and are well designed please don’t take this as a bad review or a reflection of the designers over all work. It is not. This is one more blast on the entire mesh and standard sizing thing, reproving once again that none of us know what *standard sizing* in Second Life fashion really means. What size is standard when mesh does not fit the SL fashion industry  own definition of

*standard sizing*! Are we forced to all look like stick figures, only to find the stick is still not small enough?


2 thoughts on “BOOB[e] Formals

    • =) well there is that but we do pay good lindens to designers who are offering their designs. I think it is their responsibility to get that right not mine. I don’t design clothes. If I did I’d want my customers to get my best.

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