*elymode* with Implant Appliers !

Color me happy ! I love my implants and I own several brands ,  I’m so excited to find more designers including the applier options with their designs. I have always loved the texture work at *elymode* and the color palette!

What I’m wearing …..


*elymode* Ava (mix n match your look)

N-core LULU “Black”
*For the time being, these shoes are only available on SL marketplace*

Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5

al vulo- riha* Disturbia bronze

Pink Acid Diva Lip Gloss – Pink

While you are at *elymode* search for the butterfly! The gift is part of the Hunt For Your Inner Slut !


4 thoughts on “*elymode* with Implant Appliers !

  1. Many thanks for mentioning the “Hunt for Your Inner Slut”! I appreciate it!:) I am SO excited how well the first hunt went! 6 more days left of this one, and the next one starts November 15!:D
    ~Lusty regards,
    Suff Lockjaw

    • It’s a pleasure ! I did not get to complete the hunt but I have always loved a good one ! Thank you for popping through!!

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