Mesh and Prim Breasts

The Mesh and Prim Breasts discussion began around a year ago at Maggie I’ve followed it and Maggie has recently brought it back to light in her current post.


” This is a really interesting comment on a post I did about 1 year ago. 🙂

I will speak of mesh both in and out of the busty community. ”


As an owner of several prim breast brands and only 1 mesh ( that has no current appliers )  I will say I’ve been extremely happy to see new creations and new designers including breast appliers in their fashions, as well as some nice mesh clothing with appliers.  I will say the one set of mesh implants I do own , I love they look so fabulous on, they were created for the slave community by Tammy Crystal called [Freya] Mesh Boob!s and available on marketplace. 

[Freya] Mesh Boob!s

The mesh is not rigged, since you should be able to resize them as you wish, or move them arround on your body.


My daily go to implants are Lola’s , both natural and push ups  and are available here.

Lolas Pushups taken by Jinx Jiersen for BUSTED Magazine Halloween

If you want to know more about implants the place to go is Maggie’s blog , and take a look as well at BUSTed Magazine , .

Worried about skin matching? Don’t be, if you can match your prim hands and prim feet you can easily match you implants to your skins and you will find some skin designers on Maggie’s site that design skins and matching appliers .


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