Are You Ready?


Are you ready to take your inworld photography to a new level? LUMIPro is ready to make sure you do!


Photography by Corinne J. Helendale, LUMIPro Master Photographer


What our client base says:

This is the best
AylaNeissa Magic

when taking second life pictures I find an excellent lighting source is Lumi-Pro This is among the best I have ever found on the market place. After working with daz, vue, poser and other digital art tools I really know the value of a good light source. Lumi-Pro lights is similar to what I work with in these digital art programs and Its well worth the price. Very easy to use not a big learning curve so it is very user-friendly. I LOVE IT! This is the perfect second life photographers lighting source.

Excellent light hud
Nivo Questi

This is an excellent lighting hud with other perks I wasn’t expecting at first like control over an object for the eyes to track. It’s amazing how much difference the lighting makes and having it track with the person being photographed is a big big improvement. Lighting for couples has always been awkward because good light for one is often shadow for the other. This handles that by allowing multiple sets of lights to be used at the same time. It does everything it says it does and does it in style.


Love it
15Rocky Sicling

This is, by far, the most efficient, bug-free, lag-free (or extremely reduced) device I have ever used in Second Life. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into photography or looking to find some neat lighting tricks on avatars.


Well worth the investment!!!
Gregor Tenk

Being a rookie photographer I struggled with shelling out the $$$ for this item but after weighing the pros & cons, I got it & have never looked back. You don’t need a studio, this gives you the freedom to shoot anywhere & control your lighting, FREEDOM!!! (in my best Braveheart voice). Easy to use, intuitive, great options & controls, all in one complete package. I’ve barely begun to tap into the potential of what Lumipro has to offer which in turn inspires creativity to push your own imagination. If you are sitting on the fence get off & make the investment, you’ll be happy you did & save your rear from the pain of sitting there.


Toxxic Rhiannyr

This product is phenomenal, I purchased it yesterday and wanted to conduct a full test on it, to see if it was as awesome as I have heard / seen. Without a doubt, this DOES help a lot with shadows and smoothing of images. So many options & easy to use. I’d recommend it to other people in a heart beat, well already have actually lol. Good buy TY creator … 10 stars if i could!


Definitely an Improvement
Lincoln Garnet

I’ve been using the Lumipro products for quite some time and I LOVE the power it gives me. Very nice system – between being able to pose models (male & female) and run through personal lights – always guaranteed to light a subject just right.

And on top of all that, customer service is fantastic. The one time I had an issue, the manufacturer got right back to me and helped troubleshoot.


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