The Boobies Show !


Hello Boobies Girlies,
The event Boobies Show is ,beginning today and open for 1 month , the event runs to the 16th October! And re-opens on the 19th October for the Boobies Show Part 2.
You can see all informations on the group vip, so join this group.

Here : secondlife:///app/group/a8441084-352f-ce9a-d11d-e66ea229f6fb/about

The Landmark ->

There are a lot of great designers : T-Whore, Suicidal Unborn, Milk, Punture, Glue Ink, [e] Boobs, Mes Sucreries, Twins Fashion, Fashion Victim, Utopiah, Holli Pocket, Panda Express, Bazinga, Fameless, Patchwork, Sexy things, Fuck’n’Hawt, Titz, and more..
A biiig thanks for this awesome designer to join me for this first round!!! ❤

I’m really happy to see a first event for only prims boobies! So girlie’s, good shopping! ❤


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