Lets talk awesome !! Lets talk sexy! That is ~LSD~ by Lune Scorpio !!  Home of !SheerBliss sensual cuddle and sex toys, LSD Tattoos and iMate products — making every moment in SL sensual.  Also visit the public sex beach for tempting fun in the surf.


Eve in Autumn

The Eve outfit is a simple attachment that allows you to cover your intimate bits, with a fun particularity, anyone can take them away from you! By touching the leaves, they can remove them, leaving you as they’d like to see you!
To revert the process, simply touch the location where the leafs should be (even if you don’t see them), and choose the option “Unhide” to have them back to normal!
This is a modifiable object, so you can edit and adjust it to your own avatar shape.

Eves Temptation

(Snake is NOT part of this, it is an old GG from Tea. Now closed I believe.)

Includes Apple and Leaves.

These are so fun, fully modifiable  … several attachment points and you can  edit/move as many as you like around your avatar ! I will be showing you more from ~LSD~ as soon as Second Life allows me to do small things such as log in/stay logged in/ move around/shoot photos and of course rez my avatar.

Watch this space for more , in the meantime ….pop over to ~LSD~ and take a look for yourself.


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