Post It !!

Post-it! from ~LSD~

How fun is this !!! Of course anyone who knows me knows post its are a huge part of my life! So this is perfect for me !   🙂

Post It!!


-It’s completely made by prims(objects) so it will need fitting on your end, which can easilly be done since it has modify permissions (It might show as (no modify) but that’s simply because of it’s script).
You will want to save a backup first, just edit on a copy so you can pick up another if you accidently break it.

-Add as many textures as you like, you can add textures on the worn item content for yourself, there’s a template supplied with your purchase which you can save to your computer by going to “File” // “Save Texture As..” and saving it to your computer, simply add your own text over it and upload it with your own text! Use your imagination, everything’s possible!!

-By touching your Post-its individually you’ll get a menu that allows you to choose that individual Post-it texture.

-Anyone touching your Post-its will be able to remove them!! (That can be so much fun 😉 )

-You can place another Post-it by touching it yourself and choosing “Unhide” from the menu!

-Each part contains one single script controlling everything! (Yay for lag free items!!)

-You can wear it over your clothes, as well as over your skin(Naughty!)!


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