Enjoying Your Implants

During a photo shoot today a female avatar made comment about implants, she felt she’d like to have some and seemed to be considering them and commented that they were *SL huge and hot* at the moment. I told her I loved mine and that I owned several brands and suggested Lolas to begin with. They are so super easy to work with and most of the newer implant applier designers were making a ton of really great things for them. I also sent her to the most extensive web site I know of regarding prim boobs , Maggie Bluxome.

I am not a designer , I do not make implants, appliers or clothes but I do like experiment. So , I want to show you what I do. Inside each brand of implants there are clothing layers and if I want to wear an outfit , a simple one to be sure, this is what I do. I choose a clothing layers from the implant menu and tint it as best I can to match what I am wearing.

What I’m wearing …….

HOC Industries – Thigh Boots Mesh
:::Sn@tch Mignon

Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5

Now Sn@tch does not make implant appliers but I do love the store and often I find things there that I can make work with my implants. So this is what I did. I choose clothing layer shirt from the Lolas menu and wore, then I opened edit and choose the clothing layer and then the dropper and choose the green color from the boots and hit apply now.

This is the end result. It’s not designer grade but it works and its fast and I can now wear this anywhere!

Maggie does an extensive article on editing prim breasts and you can find it here, on page 52.

Now go have fun , experiment, and enjoy your new implants!

HOC Industries – Thigh Boots Mesh
:::Sn@tch Mignon
:::LiNe::: Dreams Jewelry
Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5
-CD- Miranda Natural Cup D Caramel
Hand Pearls part of Sand Dancer by Boudoir
A&A Kelis Hair Blonde
[PM] Group Gift : Pearl Necklace

BTW , Don’t forget to visit ……


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