Getting Creative @ Halloween for new Implant Wearers

So you have new prim boobs and now need to dress them up ! If you’re on a limited linden budget , no stress , shop in your inventory!! These are looks I just tossed together quickly but it was huge fun to do!

My only purchase was the *Holli Pocket* Carny Corset-Pumpkin @ Carn’evil ! You really need to go there if you have not , it’s great ! I snapped some photos while I was there and posted them to my profile feed here.

(PixelDolls) High Button Miniskirt Pants . Orange
*Holli Pocket* Carny Corset-Pumpkin
*GF* Elegant Witch Broom (ver.1)
Halloween Witchhat – Boozed Desigsn *promo*
Sway’s Cookie Bear * Witch – Gift (wear me)

(PixelDolls) Josephine . Gold . Dress  (maxi)

(PixelDolls) India Skirt: Tiered open front. This skirt comes with a color change HUD.

(PixelDolls) inworld stores have closed but you can find most still on marketplace.


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