[QE] Designs and Bewbapalooza

In case anyone has not noticed , second life boobs/bewbs/implants are pretty popular at the moment and it’s no secret I am excited about it!  I’ve been an implant lover/wearer for 2 years now and it’s as important to me first for the obvious reasons, I am a female and I am an ample female IRL and my real life breasts are NOT second life square !! Next is ease of use , you do some matching to skins just like you do with your prim/mesh hands/ feet/shoes and genitals.  As a model and photographer this makes even less editing time for publications of  vids and photos.  Of course second life designers of implants are genius in my opinion because some will lactate , almost all have fun toys if you’re a fetish lover you will love several brands, and all have piercings and most have tats as well .

The one site I always refer all new implant wearers too is Maggie’s , https://maggiebluxome.com/main , she knows her implants and her designers.

Now lets talk about designers of fashion for your new implants!! One of my favs is  [QE] Designs by Emmins13 Sygall . Today I’m going to show you some of her new releases.

Bustalicious Leather n Lace Dress- Bubblegum

[QE] Bustalicious Leather n Lace Dress- Bubblegum
Find this also in Chocolate and Blood

Bustalicious Wild Thing Undies

[QE] Bustalicious Wild Thing Undies
Available in 5 colors
***This applier will work with Lolas! & mused prim breasts.

I will be back with her new mesh release as well for implant wears. I’ve got to tell you they are AWESOME!

[QE] Designs

Marketplace Store


NOW , lets talk about a new  coming monthly coming event !!!

Bewbapalooza Wants You!!

Bewbapalooza Wants You!

Are you ready for a bustacular, breastravaganza of EPIC proportions… well here it is, BEWBAPALOOZA a new monthly event starting December 1st. Quality clothing for prim breasts in one convenient location with new items monthly.

If you’re a designer or blogger and you’d like to be a part of this event then please fill out the attached nc and send it to
Emmins13 Sygall.
Please fill this out and send back to Emmins13 Sygall

Store name:
Store Manager:

Blog Link:
Flickr (optional):

Here’s a little rundown on the event:

– Each round will start on the 1st of the month @ 12 noon slt and run until the last day of the month @ 12 noon slt. On the last day I will return all items from that round and setup will begin. That gives everyone 24 hrs to get setup for the next round.
– While totally exclusive items are always very welcome, it will not be a requirement. We know how busy designers can get so all we ask is that you at least offer exclusive colors for the event that cannot be found elsewhere.
– When you come to reserve your spot you will pick and pay an adboard. These will cost 300 linden for the whole month. All linden will go to cover tier and any advertising costs that may accrue.
– Each designer is allowed 7 prim. This means you can set out up to 7 items each round. If there is a sparse month where there aren’t as many designers we will most likely allow for extra prim. You will be informed if this is the case.
– We understand that you may not always be able to participate. If you don’t feel you can commit to a round just message me or drop me a nc and I’ll remove you from that month. If we end up with more than 20 designers who’d like to participate regularly then we will do round rotations, one way or another everyone will get a chance to be a part of the event.

If you have any questions please IM me.
Thank you for applying 😀

Emmins13 Sygall in world


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