Let’s talk about Second Life live music



Let’s talk about Second Life live music. Something I think most all Second Life avatars enjoy almost daily on the grid, I know I do.

Second Life has some really awesome performers and some really not so awesome, but the most important thing is they are all having fun. Why else would any one of them do it? Second Life is about enjoying things around you, doing things you may or may not do in your offline life.

I’ve been a supporter of second life music in some fashion since I rez’d on the grid in 2007. I’ve been a venue owner, a venue manager, a hostess and promoted performers as well as managed some. It’s not only fun it is also time consuming and not always easy.

So I’ve been doing some thinking about music on the grid as you can probably tell and talked to some live performers to see what it takes to get them up and running before they ever do a show on the grid. (This pertains to DJ’s as well).

One of the first things they need is the music; some create it themselves, mix it, and purchase tracks. (Mixers can cost from 100 USD and up.) Then they need a decent mic (these can range from 50 USD and up). Backtracks cost about 2 USD per song unless they create their own music. Then they have to purchase a stream for second life
SAM Broadcaster is a popular program for professional online deejays, but costs around $300.

Then they have to be sure to cover the legal aspects of music they use/play/sing, Legal Issues: If you choose to stream your own music into SL directly or using a streaming relay host, the content and any copyright/royalty fees and any other possible issues are your responsibility. So they have more USD to pay out of pocket.http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Overview_of_Music_in_Second_Life#Additional_Notes
Butt (broadcast using this tool)

Linux, MacOS and Windows.
Open source project hosted on Sourceforge
Streaming and recording simultaneously with different bitrates
This relative newcomer provides all the functionality that you would need or want. The fact that it is free, and runs on almost any computer, makes it a great choice.
Winamp with Shoutcast DSP Plugin

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, other UNIX
Winamp makes Winamp Standard
Shoutcast makes the Shoutcast DSP Plugin
Host media player and Plugin
No built in recording functionality
This solution has been the mainstay in the Windows arena, mostly due to its price.

$40 (free demo)
Mac OS
Rogueamoeba is the company behind Nicecast
Archive function
For years, this has been the standard in the Mac arena. Full featured.

Spacialaudio produces simplecast
No built in recording functionality
This selection comes from a company with a full line of professional internet radio tools.
Reaper with Shoutcast plugin

$60 (free demo)
Cockos makes Reaper
Landoleet is where you can get the reaper_shoutcast.dll plugin (this is NOT the same as the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp)
Host DAW and Plugin
Full multitrack recording capability
Reaper is a full-functioned DAW, from a company founded by the guy who first invented Shoutcast technology. Extremely powerful, with complexity to match.

Oddsock makes edcast
Available either standalone, or as a plugin for Winamp or Foobar2000.
Recorder not built in.
Both EdCast and its precursor Oddcast are from the same developer, along with a number of other useful music tools (including a stream recorder).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3794825

So, now you’re beginning to see the expenses the performer pays for before you ever hear one note of their show in Second Life. Now let’s consider this…. time is money. Every ones time is money. Some Second Life performers charge the venue owners 3k to 12k to come and sing for one hour ( prices may vary) and should, as you see they have put out a ton of USD to cover legal, equipment, software and set aside their real life time to come to second life to entertain us.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Second Life Music. Comments are open.


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