Attention !! Adult Content Creators and Bloggers

The primary fashion feeds (and the is plural ) of Second Life do not want to see your prim titties, cocks, sex scenes, or statements of verbal vulgarity.

New today from Fashion Feed of SL announcements.

I am conducting a “Main Feed” review. If you cannot keep your nips covered your blog will be moved to community.  I am not keen on reviewing the feed when I get time out of my RL to see prim titties, cocks, sex scenes, or statements of verbal vulgarity.  I am far from a stoic prude but enough is enough.
The “Main Feed” is to display creative stylish fashion.  The “Community Feed” is designated as the feed for all syndicated blogs.  From time to time both myself and Carissa will review the Community feed. We will review blogs that have improved quality and content to move over to the main feed.
If you have gripe about what you are seeing feel free to contact us directly at
Thank you for your support as always,
Boot Janus

Some may recall that one of SL’s top blog feeds went *PG* last month as well .

So I Heart SL Went SFW

So, I asked …..

colleen Criss says:
October 29, 2012 at 2:54 pm

iheartsl is only accepting blogs for fashion / poses/ furniture/ etc of a G rating then, is that what I am understanding?

What about events such Swag Fest, The Bo.oBies Show , BEWBAPALOOZA.

and the reply I got was …..

Cajsa Lilliehook says:
October 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm

PG rating. As to the others, there are lots of other feeds I guess.

I said thanks and followed the link left only to find a handful you can actually apply too. Most are not accepting or by invitation only etc. Please follow the link and see for yourself.

So I applied where I could and only 2 feeds responded and added me to their blog rolls and I am personally thankful and happy they did because I blog, it’s what I do (6 blogs). I blog fashion, events, photography, art, photography tools, adult, G rated , R rated and M rated. I blog top SL designers of mainstream fashions and I blog top designers of adult fashions.

I have never blogged *porn* on any SL fashion feed.

Who does this hurt? It hurts ALL of the clients I blog for , every single one of them because without the feeds things I am asked to blog of any *adult* nature does not get seen. My fashion blog hits have dropped from 100 plus hits a day to about 80 and it will get worse. So the designers who do like my work and send me things with request to blog are not going to get seen. That includes my mainstream designers as well as my *adult* designers.

Hurting my blog or yours, on the grand scheme of things is only a small part of what it does to the creators we blog for. Many SL avatars follow feeds to see *whats new* so these new guidelines and feed no no’s are going to eventually roll down to the designers sales. THAT is just bad business to me.

Prim breasts/implants are HUGE right now and the community is growing rapidly and so are the fashion designers for them , more mainstream and top fashion designers are not only dressing them but skin makers are designing for them as well.

I belong to a group in world , Buxom Lifestyle, and daily a new implant user will say *oh, I love them! but now that I have them how do I skin/dress/tint/ etc, where do I shop?*

This will eventually effect ALL adult content creators from poses to clothes to props, to furniture etc. So I have spent a better part of 2 weeks looking at the top feeds and I have NOT found any distasteful *lewd* porn on them. Yes, I have seen suggestive and sexy and nips  but so far I have seen NO photos blogged of avatars fucking or any *pixel* sex.

The Feeds say its not about being * prudish* its about making feed SFW, welllll……if you worked for me and surfed the net to read about pixel avatar content , you’d be fired. Real life work is for real life work not looking at pixel fashions. Then they say it’s about advertising (translate to real money) and some say it is about their sights *hosting* guidelines.

Is it time for an Adult only fashion feed?  Comments are open, input welcomed, no vitriol !

Original post here .


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