Lola Tango Love !!!

SO love ! As soon as I heard about this new mesh implant release I went right over and bought them despite the fact there was no demo. I own both sets of  of Sandi Moonites previous releases and both are fabulous so no demo didn’t matter , I knew her work and attention to detail.

I had a busy schedule so I did not get to try them on till late evening, it was so late I had intended to just wait till the next morning and then group chat broke out and the buzz was on. One of the issues I kept hearing was putting some off of buying was there were no demos to see how they looked on, so I unpacked put them on sized them and the shade matched my CandyDoll caramel skin perfectly ! and then I dropped my location in the chat pane with an invitation to see them on and my skybox filled with about 20 females.

Tango’s have basically the same menu as previous versions of Lolas . You can choose your nipple ( 3 shapes plus a default)  , nipple size, nipple jewelry and tints for them. The color HUD is simple and easy to understand and us as well. The best thing is they are copy/mod and non rigged mesh, so you can move your Tangos to best suit your avatar shape.

The next issue in group was appliers for clothes and skins, and designers in the group had already started creating and updating and releasing stuff for them. Not that I cared to be honest I’d have worm them stayed topless and not left my sim ! I love then THAT much!

So I have some links and info and photos for you too !

Lola Tango Default Nipple

Lola Tango Normal Nipple

Lola Tango Plane Nipple

Lola Tango Puffy Nipple

Lola Tango Puffy with Rings

HYIS HUNT GIFT from J’adore with Tango Appliers

TDPH Hunt Gift from J’adore for Tango (socks included not shown)

Candydoll Corset Appliers for Tango ( panty and stockings not included)


::::::: HOT HOT HOT :::::: Lolas! NEW Mesh Boobies :::: Tango ::::
—————————- IMPORTANT! —————————-

for those of you who already bought one of the LATEST DeeTaleZ Skins (Gaby, Gitana, Jill, Jenna) or the Skin Appliers

before 15-11-2015 !!!

Please come to the Mainstore and use the UPDATE Terminals in the Bodyshop to get your current version of Skin or Applier!

—————————– COMING SOON ——————————

Clothing Appliers for the NEW Lolas! TANGOS coming later today !!!

Check out some more awesomeness in these photos ! And some details on designers who are busy creating the appliers for them! pool-secondl… 2089/in/pool… l/8189866824…



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