One Week To Go \o/

One week to go till Bewbapalooza officially opens !!!


Are you ready for a bustacular, breastravaganza of EPIC proportions?

Well here it is ladies, BEWBAPALOOZA, a new monthly event for the prim endowed. Quality breast applier clothing from several top notch designers in one convenient location.

Rounds begin at noon slt on the first of each month and we have some awesome designers for Round 1..

Que Bella!
Renee India Plus+

ADDED: Holli Pocket


Sugar & Cyanide

My BAD!! I left out Patchwork Heart ,

That’s 13 TOP designers for you!!!

Join the Group to stay updated on any developments.. there will be sneak peek pics, an Early Bird Contest and the Event Landmark will be sent out in the group at 11:59 am slt on Dec 1st.

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