“The Weirdo and I”

Morgana Nagorski and LUMIPro invite you to the new show at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex.


“The Weirdo and I”
by Maloe Vansant and Burk Bode

Opening events:
Saturday 8 December 6:00 – 8:00PM SLT
Sunday 9 December 10:00AM – 12:00PM SLT

“The Weirdo and I” as theme leaves two questions open: “Who is the weirdo?” and “Who am I?”. The questions that drive us around. How “normal” am I? How much of my inner weirdo can I show to the outside or how much DOES show despite all my efforts to keep it secret and hidden?
Virtual world photography (even more than photography in real life) is always a mirror of the inner reality of the person behind the picture. The multiple tools we have to guide the view of the beholder directly or unconscious to create a virtual unreality do reveal the creators innermost in the end.”

The show runs to 3 February.

"Lucid Dreams" ~ Sponsored by LUMIPro


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