What you are not getting for Christmas

Guess what you wont be finding under your tree this year?  See those bags of coal at my feet?  Those are not for you IF Santa finds you in this fabulous , festive and alluring lingerie from Carrie’s!!

Carrie is supporting Tango Applier, which made me smile. When you enter the store take a right to find some of the sexiest lingerie I’ve seen in a long while ! Hurry over and grab some of the festive holiday things and make your Santa smiles from ear to ear! All of them can be worn even if you do not wear implants. The detail in this is amazing, pop open this photos and look at the hem of this gown and when you wear it, it  shimmers , really !  You will get this in 2 wear options the gown with bodice  or  bra and panties . The lace on the stockings … absolutely perfect.


Snapshot_007 EDIT

Appliers will be sold as add ons now and going forward as an option to a regular release. More appliers are already in the works so STAY TUNED!

Carrie is also participating in a couple hunts so be sure to check those out as well ! The Very Demonic Christmas Hunt  and  Winter Memories Hunt .

Snapshot_008 EDIT


These are the  first releases of appliers for LOLA TANGO MESH BREASTS .

Starting with the holiday collection, 6 appliers are now available as add ons to the original holiday release.

Grab this LM for Carrie’s Lingerie.

Also available on Marketplace.

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