LUMIPro ~ What Santa Wants!

From The Desk Of Stefan:

"Lucid Dreams" ~ Sponsored by LUMIPro

For those of you that have heard about LUMIPro…LUMIPro is a photography HUD unlike any other and used widely across the artists, fashion, commercial, portrait photographers and machinimists as well as amateurs across all skill levels. Works great in studios but also works great in world giving most control without even rezzing a single prim.

christmas present 3.2

Colleen, Corinne, and I have not had a sale all year and thought the holiday would be a great opportunity. In all likelihood this will be our only sale until next Christmas if we even choose to do one. So the time is now. Contact me or Colleen and you can buy now and have it delivered on Christmas day.

Take a peak at LUMIPro. From advanced amateur to pro, this is a great addition for great photography work.

The Best Christmas Ever

LUMIPro World Headquarters

LUMIPro on Marketplace

LUMIPro Blog

LUMIPro Flickr.

LUMIPro is not a Second Life photography toy. This is a serious photography tool for working in virtual worlds.

LUMIPro is a game changer in lighting for photography in Second Life. It was developed by a pro photographer RL who found the lighting systems available in Second Life to be inadequate and got tired of the limitation of rezzing prim and moving them each time he reposed his model. LUMIPro changes all this.

LUMIPro is a hud worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights worn by the model or self. Photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. It all works in zero rez sims! The built in posing system controls four models independently and again, without the need to rez for pose stands.

Version 3 of LUMIPro is for artists and pro photographers who demand complete creative control.


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