Thank you !

My new friend, Mona Eberhardt , sent me a most awesome gift for the holiday! I absolutely love it!

Snapshot_276  EDIT

The Siren Avatar by Eclectic Randomness

Snapshot_277 EDIT

 Highly stylized, futuristic set of armor. Available in Black or White, the package includes rubberized clothing layers on the underwear, gloves, and socks layers, as well as the new “tattoo” layer. 5 prim attachments are included as well.. boots, forearms, and a backpack.. all featuring glowing circuit traces.

Snapshot_278 EDIT

There are 18 preset circuit colors, and are easily set via the included HUD, which also includes controls for a low-impact, scripted resize function.. to make fitting the parts as easy as can be. This includes boots with “Alpha Mask” clothing item.

The set also includes eyes, a shape, skin, and 6 modifyable hairs featuring sculpts and textures by Truth Hawks.

You can get yours here or here.

Again, thank you Mona for this fabulous gift! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday too!


2 thoughts on “Thank you !

  1. Winter put together a great Tron Legacy-inspired ensemble with Siren. It offers plenty of options and opportunities :). Enjoy!

  2. You’re welcome, sweetie. Thanks for being there. And yes, our dear friend Winter Ventura of Eclectic Randomness makes gorgeous stuff. I also recommend her SL Marketplace store for those who want to make gifts for their friends and lovers…

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