So Much to Tell !

It’s official, the holidays are kicking my tush ! I’m so far behind from where I sit I look like 1st place!! So let’s try to get some newness out to you.

[QE] has been busy and the newest release is so well worth any wait!

We have new tops for implant girls ( or not), choice is yours and this release is loaded with choice and awesome mix n match options!

Not only will you find appliers for Tangos in this release but for 2.5 AND the new Lush mesh breasts!

qe_003 EDIT

[QE] Cashmere Crop- Pink NEW!!! Worn with Tangos.

poses for boobs_001 EDIT

[QE] Cashmere Crop- Pink NEW!!! Worn with Lush Implants.

Lush implants are prefect for girls who want better looking breasts then the regular avatar offers and look perfect for girls who want a smaller implant.

I will blog more about Lush in another post.

What I’m not showing from [QE] is the cute pleated mini and warm comfy boots! (mesh)

Multi Ad

Cute !! and more mix n match and layers and choices  for you!

Get your HERE! 

Also GLITTERATI POSES just released poses to please a more ample busted avatar.

poses for boobs_003 EDIT

10 poses in the pack !

GLITTERATI - Boobalicious


sn@tch fro tangos

Another color me happy moment came when Ivey dropped a recent notecard to her group/subscribers telling that her newest Sn@tch & Grab deal included appliers for Tangos !! AND in Ivey style , several color and layer options and included these fabulous pants!

Whew ! I think that is it for this post. I’ll be back with more on Lush Implants and the next round of  .:!BEWBAPALOOZA!:. !!

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