Unified Heart 2013 @ Palais Orleans Gallery


After the phenomenal success of Unified Heart last January, we are going to do it again.

Unified Heart 2013 Poster

Twenty two artists will exhibit one piece of work that interprets some lines from a Leonard Cohen song of their choice. Fourteen artists from the original show are joined by eight others.
Sponsored by LUMIPro.
@ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex from 26 January 2013.

The artists involved are

Aelin Quan
Acacia Merlin
Amona Savira
Burk Bode
Callipygian Christensen
Dantelicia Ethaniel
Dixmix Source
Harbor Galaxy
Jessica Belmer
Kato Salyut
Maloe Vansant
Meilo Minataur
Morgana Nagorski
Petra Messioptra
Ronda Saunders (no Flickr)
Sare Ethaniel
Skip Staheli
Tamzin Xigalia

This will be a show not to miss . . . and perhaps keep an eye on the above streams and you may see trial versions and out takes and eventually the finished pieces.

"Lucid Dreams" ~ Sponsored by LUMIPro


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