Lindaline diskdress for charity

Snapshot_006 FINAL

This was not a perfect fit for my shape and I broke the HUDs BUT it really is unique, sexy and really detailed!

ALL the proceeds go to Feed a Smile so that made it all worth to me !

Get yours here. 

Mktplace demo also available.





Lindaline diskdress

Realistic disk dress made of shiny coins, that cover your body, and expose your body. Light reflections dance on your body when you move. You will get all eyes on you.

In animations the disks stay solid and the elastic links between the disks stretch. Try the free demo to see how real the effect is.

Eleven sizes and shapes to fit every avatar
* default avatar shape
* standard sizing shapes double-XS, XS, S, M, L
* five curvy shapes from slim to FF

HUD for changing the disk and link colors and shininess.

Copy/Mod – you can create customized versions
* color, texture and shininess can be adjusted, for plastic or plywood looks
* silver and gold versions included
* the coin textures and UV templates included for customization, see the info notecard


The dress is created by a beautiful (ok, you may read it as ‘geeky’) math script that lines up the disks on the avatar shape perfectly, and calculates the rigging to make the dress follow the avatar movement exactly.

For custom shapes contact LindaB Helendale. (Either transferable avatar shape or avatar meshes saved as .obj files (with Phoenix) required.)


All proceeds from sales of this item go to the Feed a Smile charity:

Contact Brique Topaz or myself in-world for further information, or to volunteer your time or donate further to this worthy cause.

Every 100L provides a hot meal for a hungry child – beat that for value! We can all make a real and positive difference to young lives.

Feed a Smile is an initiative of the Live and Learn Kenya NGO

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