Events, Events, Events and Lag , Lag, Lag !!!

We want to look fabulous , we spend tons of time and Linden dollars creating our own unique look ! We can look good and have low lag avatars.

We had a wedding to shoot today and this was what I wore. Toran was also at 5 scripts.

colleen at 5 scripts

At 5 scripts.  Removed implants and other girly part, killed scripts in the collar, took of prim nails and used a system glove polish.

No AO, I used the AO in the Firestorm Viewer!

The scripts are all in my shoes.

Last night I went to WCF at 3 scripts wearing system clothes, a hair base and a pair of sneakers that never had scripts.

colleen at 28 scripts

Colleen at 28 scripts. Adding back the Tangos.

colleen at 48 scripts

Colleen at 48 scripts. Adding back the Tangos and other girly part..

These photos were all taken on our homestead sim by the way and I was the only one on the sim.

The biggest thing that causes lag is SCRIPTS.

AO’s, scripts in shoes, hair, collars, emoters, Xcite parts and especially Lola Tangos breasts all will add to that total.

So what can you do to keep your SCRIPT LAG down as you’re preparing for your events?

It’s easy!


You can click here for a really GREAT LAG METER you can wear to check your scripts out.
Just wear it as a HUD and click AV’S

It will tell you something like:
0.33694 ms, 2836 KB, (48/48) : colleen Criss

This example means the object is taking 0.33694 ms of script time, 2836 KB of memory, and that 48 of its 48 scripts are currently running.

It wouldn’t take many of me to crash the sim!!!

So lets fix that.


Once you pick your outfit, copy each item and put it in a folder.
You want copies so you can still have the original item with the script.


Wear all the items and then go into INVENTORY

Go into WORN and scroll down and look for shoes, jewelry, hair, etc.
(or just click on a piece)
Right click go into EDIT
Then on the top see TOOLS or CONTENT.
Scroll down and delete any scripts in selection

It’s very easy. But you can see why you want to make a copy first!!


Your script level should be much lower now. If it’s still over 25, think about what you are wearing?
Do you have a stray color hud or Tango applier?
An emoter? A collar or invisible sex part on?
Eyelashes are one I missed. And jewelry.
Maybe you missed a script in your Tangos?

And of course, are you still wearing your AO…because that’s a biggie!

As we just said, one of the biggest scripts you can wear is your AO.

Nobody wants to walk around like a noob at these events.
But thanks to Firestorm there’s a way to have an AO and not cause lag.

Here’s how to do it:

Put your AO on the ground in a place you can rez.
Copy the animations.
Click on the AO in Firestorm.
Name your new AO.
Load the STANDS that you want to load.
Toggle down to WALKS and load all the walks.
And so on.

Then click on the AO button so it’s CHECKED.

It’s really easy and it will lower you lag a lot .


Just check your scripts again.

If you wear LOLAS, your scripts should be around 22 or 23, even after deleting the scripts.
If you don’t, they’ll probably be under 10!!!

Don’t try and get to 0. I hear it’s impossible.

But if you do these quick things, you’ll have a great time at the events and so will everyone else.
And we’ll all beat that dreaded LAG monster!!

From the Second Life Wiki

Lag is the colloquial name for slow reaction time when using Second Life. It is a symptom with a variety of causes. This article discusses the sources of lag, and what you can do to deal with it.
When you are logged in, there are a number of components which have to all work smoothly to minimize lag. These are your computer, the Internet connection, and the Linden Lab servers and internal network and databases. They will be discussed in order starting with your screen and working outward.

I urge you to read this for more helpful tips to making your Second Life experience more fun for you, those around you and keeping your pc’s happy!

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