Oceania Events & Expos Brings You, Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo

Welcome to Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo! Celebrate the Sun, Surf and Summer with this FOUR DAY Expo, Thursday May 2 through Sunday May 5, 2013!

Official Press Release Photo - 2013 Sand & Sea Expo

The Sand & Sea Expo will feature products from all corners of water-loving SL: Surfing, Scuba, Mer, Sailing, Beachwear and more!

Sponsored by Oceania Breedables and coordinated by Nephelle Lanate & Cortez Brandriss (coordinators of the Breedables Fright Night Expo, the 2012 RFL Christmas Expo, and the 2013 Breedables Fair at the RFL Home and Garden Expo)  and Kyorisa Yven Event Scripter, 2012 Breedables Fright Night Expo, Scripter, 2013 Love Is An Ocean Event Scripter, Oceania Breedables .

Check out the AMAZING list of Exhibitors !

2013 Sand & Sea Expo Map

Oceania Breedables
{what next}
Fruit Islands
Jamy’s Shop
Jp Collections
Mermaid Treasure and Boutique
HeadHunter’s Island
SSS Southern Seas Ships
Triumphal Yacht Club
Leeward Cruise Club
Ocean Shores Surf Beach
Weston Marina
Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise
*BOOM* Clothing Co.
Bee Designs
Nantucket Yacht Club
Deep Seas Mer Outfitters
***MnM Designs***
TUFF Old Boats
The Abyss Observatory
Fishers Island Yacht Club
Two Moon Paradise
CHEZ MOI Furnitures
Starboards Yacht Club
Hollywood Real Estate
THE Beachstore

Yeah , It’s Summer and I’m very excited about this event !!  Watch the blogs for more info coming your way soon. This event is a short one, ONLY 4 DAYS so do not miss it !

Official Logo--SL's Sand & Sea Expo - May 2nd - 5th, 2013

Beachcombers, power up your metal detectors and ready your shovels! The Give-Away Event of the season is coming to the 2013 Sand & Sea Expo!

Beginning May 2nd, EVERY VENDOR at the Expo will be donating a free prize to the Beachcomber Event for visitors to find!

Here’s how it works:

Expo Visitors will stop by every location to find a special Shell. When they click the Shell, they have the chance of finding something inside OR they will come up empty-handed and be unable to try again for 2 hours!

Come join the fun with us as we celebrate the Sand, Sea and Summer with some amazing prizes!

See you there!


3 thoughts on “Oceania Events & Expos Brings You, Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo

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  2. Thanks so much for such a great post, Colleen! We couldn’t be more excited you will be there, and can’t wait to see what other posts you have in store for us!!

    -Cortez Brandriss

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